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1/2 Blast Hose with 4mm non Ported StinGer
  • 1/2 Blast Hose with 4mm non Ported StinGer

    Need a HIgh quality Blast Hose?

    Need a Boron Carbide Nozzle?

    Our StinGer Non Ported is a great nozzle that is injected, it performers like the popular 3.75 inch type 1 tapered ceramic nozzle.

    Non Ported nozzle.

    Inside the 3/4 steel sleeve is a Boron Carbide slug, and a carbon steel injector.

    ""See chart on how Boron Carbide outlasts ceramic 100 to one**

    High quality Blast hose means a non memory hose that is intended for media blasting.

    Ready to connect to YOUR Ball Valve or Pnuematic Valve .

    What you get:

    1. StinGer nozzle in 4mm.

    2. Two carbon steel barbs.

    3. Two SS worm clamps.

    4. 8 feet of high quality Blast Hose.

    5. 1/2 coupler.

    Scrap that old blast hose. Upgrade to a better quality Blast Hose and nozzle.

    Free USA shipping. No outside USA sales no outside USA sales. This is a wear item no warranty on wear items.

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