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1/2 Hose and HuraKano Nozzle Kit
  • 1/2 Hose and HuraKano Nozzle Kit

    Need a Hose?

    High quality 2 ply blast hose.

    Need a spread nozzle?

    Throw away that cheap stock hose.

    HIgh quality Blast Hose in a practical 8 foot length, with barbs and clamps.

    HuraKano our original ported nozzle holder. uses the ever popular and readily available 3.75 inch tapered nozzle.

    It comes with a 1/8. Need another size? Just ask. Buyers notes to seller.

    Ready to connect to your ball valve or your air valve.

    Ask at checkout "Buyers notes to seller." We offer 1/8 - 5/32 - or 3/16.

    What you get:

    1. High quality Blast Hose 1/2 inch.

    8 feet which is the practical size

    For our CFM limited customers.

    2. Two steel Barbs in 1/2.

    3. Two SS worm clamps.

    4. A complete HuraKano with 1/2

    nipple. Connect to YOUR 1/2

    Ball valve or Pnuematic control.

    Free USA shipping included. No outside USA sales no outside USA shipping. No warranty on wear items.

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