1/2 HP Manifold. 1/2×1/2×1/2 inch

1/2 HP Manifold. 1/2×1/2×1/2 inch

The HP manifold in 1/2×1/2×1/2. For Eastwood, Alc, Allsource and any 1/2 bottom bung pot.

This will not fit Stock Harbor Freight pots.

This manifold can be mounted conventional style which is lower mounted or it can be mounted side mount, what we call relocated.

Simple design with ported and angled buffer tube. It has a welded steel hoop for side mounting. Improves media flow, ported and angled buffer tube creates venturi. When used as a relocation manifold its simply the best for easy and acurate adjusting.

All parts that are exposed to media will eventually wear. Wear life is dictated by use media hardness and psi.

What you get:

1. HP manifold in 1/2.

2. 1/2 nipple.

3. 1/2 brass ball valve.

4. 1/2 barb.

5. 1/2 coupler.

6. SS clamp.

As seen.

Free USA shipping, no outside USA sales. Hose, nozzles, barbs, manifolds and Ballvalves are wear items no warranty.