All Source. Relocation Kit. 100lbs.
  • All Source. Relocation Kit. 100lbs.

    Only for the Northern Tool AllSource.
    The AllSource 100lbs is maybe the best entry level blaster in the market. It comes with a solid foundation to build upon. We are very proud to help you get where you need to be.
    The relocating kit for the AllSource 100lbs is intended to enhance the user's experience.
    The relocation kit does the following:
    1. It elevates the control's allowing the user to adjust the air and media mix.
    2. Correct mix makes power.
    3. Conserves media. Saving you money.
    Heavy duty kit makes it a practical add-on that pays for itself in a few projects.
    Out of the box the AllSource comes with a True blast hose, this saves you money allowing you to retain the factory blast hose and use it on this kit.
    This kit also comes with our Hurakano nozzle holder so you can have the best steel Venturi nozzle holder designed to make more power.
    What you get:
    1. Lower feeder manifold with Clean Out.
    2. Feeder hose blast hose.
    3. Inverted Hp manifold large.
    4. One media steel ball valve.
    5. Chain mount with quick links.
    6. Button Hook mount (concave)
    7. Set of quick couplers.
    8. 2 ss worm clamps.
    9. Complete barbs and fittings.
    Complete Hurakano nozzle holder with your choice of nozzle size. You must use your original air throttle (ball valve)
    ***Build time veries 3 to 6 working days, all kits are custom made to order, all orders completed in order received. Currently we are shipping out on Mondays and Tuesdays only. Call us or send us a message if you have any questions.
    We ship to your USA doorstep via USPS. Shipping is included.
    *** let us know your desired nozzle size.***

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