ChaMuko Boron Carbide Nozzle Holder kit
  • ChaMuko Boron Carbide Nozzle Holder kit

    Little Nozzle Big Bite!
    El ChaMuko offers great performance for your small pot.
    1/2 set up will fit your 1/2 hose.
    Boron Carbide 35mm×20mm cabinet slug nozzle fitted to our 1/2 velocity tube.
    This set up is for those  guys and gals that need a dependable and long life nozzle at a fraction of the price. Intended for CFM limited customers. Compare a long 3.75 inch Boron Carbide nozzle that costs over 150 US dollars.
    We love the performance of the 3.75 inch ceramic nozzle, we set out to make our ChamuKo perform.
    We added a snug fit easy to open front head with a ring, this ring helps in quickly getting to the nozzle no tools needed.
    We then added a velocity tube, this tube directs the media to the rear nozzle cone sealing the nozzle.
    What you get.
    As seen means what you see is what you get.
    1. One Chamuko nozzle holder.
    2. One velocity tube.
    3. One Carbon Steel ball valve.
    4. One steel. 1/2x 1/4 barb.
    5. One SS worm clamp.
    At checkout ask for your nozzle size. Choose one 3mm or 4mm. 
    3mm and 4mm are the only nozzle sizes available. 
    Shipping to Free to USA address.
    **WE STAND BY OUR PRODUCTS! We ensure that our products work before it leaves our shop. Nozzle holders, Stinger, El Fang, HuraKano, Skaleto or ChaMuko, lower feeder manifolds and all HP manifolds are built to our specific specifications. A 30 day warranty is included for the above parts this warranty covers metal failure, welded steel parts failure. It does not cover Media wear, painted or coated finishes gasket wear or excessive wear caused by excessive use. All Kits are custom made to order no refunds or returns on kits. We reserve the right to cancel any order returning payment to the listed purchaser.
    Wear items are not under warranty, these include the following parts:
    *All steel barbs* or hose couplings. *Ball valves in the following sizes: 3/8 or 1/2 inch these are wear items and we offer no warranty for any ball valve included in any kit. *Any ceramic or Boron Carbide nozzle we sell or offer in any kit. *Any steel or iron components fittings, couplers, bushings, elbows, including PoP Tops  nipples or t fittings. Any part exposed to the elements and or high pressure applications in which any metal is exposed to direct flow of any type of media. Rubber hoses or blast hoses of any brand which is not under warranty by the original manufacturer or wholesaler. All consumables as defined by any manufacturer, consumables are parts that will wear based on any amount of use. Pot blasters sold by Ameriblaster are under FULL warranty for a period of 6 months. The warranty covers replacement parts as follows: Blast Hose, manifolds, pressure tank, wheel kits including wheels and tires, Relocation kit manifold feed. Warranty does not cover Consumables. We carry all replacement parts, these parts are high grade parts,we carry consumables.
    Items sold as visual defective are not covered by warranty, visual defective is the following: scratch or dent, chipped scraped or defective paint we will offer manifolds or nozzle holders with visual defective coatings at times.
    Free or promotional gifts are not under ANY warranty, unreleased products or demo nozzle holders including manifolds, or any free item is not under warranty. Unsure of purchase date, or how to start a return call or send us a message we have purchase and tracking information for all online orders. Any other questions please ask.
    Only USA Sales NO OUTSIDE USA Sales.
    America & Enrique Garnica.