Flex Lite 1/2 Blast Hose 8 feet.
  • Flex Lite 1/2 Blast Hose 8 feet.

    ⭕ Please let us know your choice of steel barbs at checkout.

    Specialty blast hose. Do you NEED a lite and flexible hose for your cabinet or pot? We have Avonlite 1/2 blast hose, very flexible not stiff.

    Check this out. You can cut to fit your cabinet in 4 foot sections or attach to your pot using the whole 8 foot hose.

    The difference : We use Thunder Blast hose on our kits with an outside diameter is 1 1/8th of an inch outside diameter.

    AvonLite is 15/16th of an inch outside diameter.

    A two ply textile covered blast hose rated at 150 working psi.

    Kit includes.

    1. 8 feet of blast hose.

    2.⭕ Two steel barbs you can choose: 1/2×1/2. or 3/8× 1/2.

    3. Two stainless steel worm clamps.

    Free USA shipping to your USA address. No outside USA sales, no outside USA shipping Hose, nozzles, barbs, manifolds and ball valves are wear items no warranty.


    Free USA shipping no outside USA sales