Eastwood ALC 1/2 STINGER kit.
  • Eastwood ALC 1/2 STINGER kit.

    A STINGER kit for the larger blasters.
    ALC, Eastwood High Flow.
    Complete STINGER Kit For the Eastwood High Flow, ALC Sandy Jet.
    If you have the 1/2 lower tank discharge this will screw right in.
    1/2 inch lower discharge.
    The complete kit includes a true blast hose and all the good stuff to take your blaster to a mew level.
    Big mouth HP Manifold with a huge mix chamber. We built this to be used with the very popular Eastwood and ALC. This will fit any 1/2 lower media tank discharge blaster.
    If your lower ball valve is a 1/2 our kit will fit.
    What you get.
    1. A Stinger nozzle holder with water port, with your choice of nozzle size. Complete and assembled.
    2. Carbon steel ball valve 1/2.
    3. 8 feet of true blast hose, the good stuff.
    4. Steel hose clamps. They will outlast those worm clamps.
    5. Steel 1/2 barbs.
    6. Quick couplers iron 140 psi rated. You get two. 1/2 and 3/4.
    7. Big Mouth HP Manifold. Will fit High Flow Eastwood blasters with 1/2 lower discharge. Will fit ALC blasters 90 and 150 lbs.
    Our blaster kits will make your blaster ROAR.
    We use high grade parts. We use parts that will make your blaster into a beast. Free USA Shipping. All orders are built to order. 3 to 5 day lead time.
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    We work very hard to answer your questions. Due to Covid 19 and staffing we may take a little time to answer questions we update our FAQ section periodically. We only use USA based suppliers this can be challenging to maintain stock.
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