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Eastwood ALC Allsource HuraKano and Manifold Kit.
  • Eastwood ALC Allsource HuraKano and Manifold Kit.

    HuraKano and HP Manifold.

    This will fit any Eastwood, or modified Harbor Freight pots. Will fit 1/2 inch and other 1/2 bottom bung discharge with 1/2 inch air throttle models, including ALC/Allsource models.

    Comes with 1/8 nozzle you can request another size at checkout buyers notes to seller.

    We only offer 1/8- 5/32- or 3/16.

    See chart for CFM/ nozzle orifice.

    Conventional bottom mount manifold.

    HuraKano a Ported nozzle holder.

    What you get:

    1. Complete HuraKano ready to

    Install to YOUR Ball Valve or

    Pnuematic Valve.

    2. Complete HP Manifold with

    Ball valve and fittings.

    3. Two steel barbs and two SS

    Worm clamps.

    4. One ceramic type 1 tapered

    Nozzle in 1/8. Need another

    Nozzle size let us know at buyers

    Notes to seller.

    Free shipping No outside USA sales, no outside USA shipping. No warranty on wear items, nozzles, hoses, barbs, nozzle holders, ball valves or fittings.

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