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🆕Conventional Kit. Eastwood, ALC Allsource Bottom mount manifold.
  • 🆕Conventional Kit. Eastwood, ALC Allsource Bottom mount manifold.

    Back by popular demand.

    Upgrade your STOCK 1/2 bottom discharge, 1/2 top air intake pot with a Conventional Kit.

    A Conventional Kit is a kit with the manifold and mix valve at the bottom of the pot. Not as good as a Relocation Kit.

    Small pots ROCK!

    Out of the box small pots perform, the Achilles heal are the less then quality parts.

    This Kit will mount to your stock Eastwood, ALC, Allsource or a modified Harbor Freight pot

    What you get:

    1. Eight feet of top quality blast

    Real blast with two steel barbs

    and two SS worm clamps.

    2. HP manifold in 1/2×1/2×1/2

    3. EL Fang nozzle holder kit with

    Your choice of nozzle size, we

    Stock 1/8 - 5/32 or 3/16 choose

    At check out " Buyers notes to

    Seller." If you don't choose we

    Send out a 1/8.

    4. One carbon steel ball valve as

    a main blast stream control.

    Preserve your ball valve always

    Open and close completely.

    Never halfways.

    USA sales only, we ship to your USA address no outside USA Sales. No warranty on wear parts. Wear parts include barbs, nozzles nozzle holders, fittings, ball valves, blast hose, and manifolds.

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