El Diablito kit.
  • El Diablito kit.

    Fast and easy.
    For any Harbor Freight blaster and ANY 3/8 bottom bung blaster including Stark, ADT, Black Bull . Unsure? Send us a pic.
    Getting you into the Blast Zone.
    El Diablito is an economical kit for you guys that are wanting a kit that has EXTREME value. We decided to bring you this kit in order to give our customer's value with HIGH GRADE PARTS.  Our kits are proven and reliable. High grade hose US made worm clamps and a sleek STINGER Nozzle. Other parts include, Carbon Steel Long Shank Barbs and our very own HP Manifold. Throw in a HIGH GRADE blast hose you cant go wrong, simple and efficient. With your choice of ceramic nozzle from a 1/8 small a 5/32 medium or a large 3/16 the choice is yours. This is what we do we make those blasters ROAR. You get better performance from your small pot blaster. 
    What you get:
    1. Standard HP Manifold. A buffered media tube manifold to fit your 3/8 bottom blast pot.
    2. Two Stainless steel high grade worm clamps.
    3. 8 feet of high grade Pan Blast Hose, at a rated 217 working pressure, this hose Rocks.
    4. Two steel long shank barbs in 1/2. No cheap brass.
    5. A complete 1 inch steel concentrator nozzle holder with your choice of ceramic nozzle size, crusher gasket, 1/2 carbon steel ball valve assembled and ready to go.
    All our Kits are built to order when ordered. ***Build time 3 to 6 days, orders built by order received.***
    Price includes USA Shipping to your Door step including Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska. We ship to 23 USA friendly Countries at buyers cost.
    Always adjust see our videos on Facebook Ameriblaster.
    1. Close all ball valves this includes bottom media ball valve, back Air Throttle ball valve and front main ball valve.
    2. Pressurize pot from 70 to 100 psi.
    3. Open lower media ball valve to 1/4 turn. Do not open it all the way!
    4. Open the main ball valve all the way. Never ever halfways! Low stream will come out
    5. The throttle ball valve is located at the back of the blaster.....open it gradually until it gets the perfect mix.
    Tip. Always use clean DRY  media sift you media. Coal slag and finner medias clump.
    Tip. Never run your blaster to empty. Media in the pot acts like a buffer, if you run it to empty you will wear the lower components faster.
    Tip. Always close and open main ball valve completely, if you open it halfways you will destroy your ball valve QUICKLY.

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