El Diablo Tap Kit.
  • El Diablo Tap Kit.

    Elevate your blasting experience, and equip your little cabinet with a practical solution.
    This kit will allow you to use your own pressure pot blaster to TAP into your cabinet easy with NO head aches. ( All you need is blaster and a 7/8 hole cutter)
    Let's be very clear,
    I find those popular Siphon Systems very weak. Suction or gravity, metering valve or metered suction, its all the same thing. 
    If you are reading this then you know the feeling of not getting consistent performance or that needed punch.
    The issue will always be consistent VELOCITY.
    Siphon equals low velocity.
    A cabinet owner invests some cash in a system that is not that efficient, they may think it is but nothing is more efficient then a pressure pot blaster.
    Right out of the box, a HF blaster will give you 30% more power, with the ability to choose a better upgraded nozzle. A real tuned pressure pot blaster kit will increase flow and power even more, how much?? 50 to 60% more.
    Use your blaster to put some bite onto your cabinet blasting.
    Our kit is easy to install and all parts are easy to obtain and maintain. ( local hardware store makes upkeep and part replacement easy.)
    Easy to maintain means easy to operate with low cost.
    A ball valve controls the blast stream the ball valve is mounted to an easily accessible point on your cabinet, next to your glove ports easy to reach. Your running a Harbour Freight? That's fine, our kit will attach to your thin walled Harbour Freight and will reinforce that mounting point.
    A high quality blast hose with a light weight nozzle holder ( EL Fang). Steel 1/2 barbs with quick connect couplers.
    1/8 ceramic nozzle for Cfm limited compressors. You got the Cfm? We got you! Select a 5/32. Got more Cfm then a 3/16. Always be realistic, Cfm is very important, Cfm dictates speed in removing paint, rust, powder coating using correct media hardness and shape are all factors.
    We have a 8 minute install video.
    Install consists of drilling a 22mm =7/8 inch hole next to your dominate hand installing the Tap.
    The kit comes complete.
    You must let us know what size is your front hose barb.
    Special build 3 to 5 days build time stock fluctuates. Shipping to your USA doorstep.

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