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🆕 90 or 100lbs Concave Top Blast Pot.
  • 🆕 90 or 100lbs Concave Top Blast Pot.

    Relocation kit for 90 or 100 lbs blast pots with concave top plunger handle

    **"3/8 top air bung bottom 3/8 bung.

    What a great alternative to the much more expensive Allsource or ALC.

    Stout little pot with better features then the screw top pots.

    ** This will not fit ALC or Allsource**

    Get ready to step up your game with a Relocation kit for your 90/100 pound concave top pot blaster. (See pictures)

    The Relocation Kit gives you the ability to not only adjust quickly and correctly but to bypass and eliminate the use of the silly and weak grey Deadman that these pots come with.

    High quality parts along with a high quality true blast hose.

    What you get.

    1. Direct mount manifold assembly.

    2. Bottom feed pipe set up.

    3. Feed hose with SS Clamps.

    4. 3/8x3/8x1/2 HP Manifold. ( If you need a modified manifold let us KNOW. Check our selection of HP Manifolds Buyers notes to seller)

    5. 8 feet of quality true blast hose.

    6. Chain Kit with Button hook.

    7. Complete El FanG nozzle holder.

    Please let us know your desired nozzle size, if you don't choose we will send you a 1/8.

    Install link.

    USA sales and shipping only. No outside USA sales. Shipping to your USA doorstep included. No warranty on kits all items on kits are wear items. Barbs, nozzles,n nozzle holders, bushings, hose, fittings, pipe nipples are wear items, no warranty.

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