• El Fang with Atomizer SS Nozzle.

    This is, perhaps the most efficient Heavy Duty wet nozzle holder you can get for your import blaster. It will fit onto any 1/2 blast hose.
    This is a piggy back kit
    No mess water injection that is correctly metered by the operator.
    NO water waste, no puddles when used correctly this nozzle holder will vaporize water suppressing dust cooling the blast charge and assisting in the removal of challenging coatings.
    How it works.
    This kit will attach to your stock 1/2 blast hose or an after market true blast hose.
    Once attached to your hose you can connect to a 3/4 water hose or spigot.
    It comes with a high quality Apollo brass ball valve, this controls your water function.
    What you get
    1. Nozzle holder with nozzle.
    2. Water kit, complete ready to install.
    3. One 1/2 barb.
    4. Worm clamp.
    5. 10 zip ties.
    Shipping to your USA doorstep.
    We ship USPS build time 3 to 5 days call for lead time, at times we do have one or two in stock. Better to ask us.
    Shipping is included to your USA door step, others must pay. You can check for shipping cost by adding to cart and choosing your country.
    **** To comply with current Stay Home guidelines and implemented guidelines we are only shipping out on Mondays and Tuesdays USPS.****
    We have an install video on Facebook Ameriblaster.
    Comes with 1/8 nozzle
    But you can ask for.
    5/32 3/16 or 1/4.or let us know your true CFM.

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