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El VamPiro Pnuematic Valve for any Pot to Cabinet .
  • El VamPiro Pnuematic Valve for any Pot to Cabinet .

    If seen it's built and available.

    As Seen ready to go!

    Ready to go means it's built and waiting for you to buy.

    El VamPiro Pnuematic Pinch Valve.

    Pot to Cabinet.

    Attach to your blast hose.

    You must provide clean dry air.

    60 psi minimum to 100 psi. Maximum. Do not exceed 110 psi.

    Ideal air source a small pancake compressor or hot dog compressor, regulated.

    *Pnuematic Valve.

    *On and off pedal control.

    *Steel safety tube.

    *2 different mounting points in 3/8.

    *Heavy Duty sacrificial pinch tube in

    1/2 inch.

    * Four steel barbs.

    * Four SS worm clamps.

    * Two Iron couplers.

    * Two 8 foot sections of 1/4 ID flex

    Air hose.

    Need a blast hose? We have 5 foot and 8 foot sections ready to go.

    USA shipping included. No outside USA sales no outside USA shipping.

    This is a wear item blast hose and tubes, valves, seals, nozzles, nozzle holders, fittings, Barbs and Ball Valves are wear items no warranty on wear items.

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