HP manifold for Modified HF 1/2 bottom bung.

HP manifold for Modified HF 1/2 bottom bung.

This HP manifold is intended for the most popular modification done to the Harbor Freight pot. The drilling out and tapping of the pot from 3/8 ( stock bung) to a bigger 1/2 . This manifold has the following 3/8×1/2×1/2. With this you can maintain a 3/8 air throttle ( save money) and have 1/2 media port and 1/2 discharge.

Simple design with ported and angled buffer tube. It has a welded steel hoop for side mounting. Improves media flow, ported and angled buffer tube creates venturi. When used as a relocation manifold its simply the best for easy and acurate adjusting.

What you get:

1. HP manifold 3/8×3/8×1/2.

2. 1/2 nipple.

3. 1/2 brass ball valve.

4. Steel barb.

5. Steel clamp.


Free USA shipping no outside USA sales. Hose, nozzles, barbs, manifolds and Ballvalves are wear items no warranty.