HuraKano Nozzle Kit.
  • HuraKano Nozzle Kit.

    HuraKano a complete nozzle / ball valve kit as seen.
    Want a great nozzle that will add a boost of power.
    Includes the following:
    1. A true steel Venturi nozzle holder 3/4 steel concentrator.
    2. Deep Set ceramic nozzle in your choice 1/8 or 5/32.
    3. 1/2 rubber Gasket.
    4. 1"×1/2 bushing.
    5. 2 inch nipple.
    6. 1 carbon steel ball valve.
    7. 1 long shank 1/2 barb in carbon steel.
    8. Thick band ss worm clamp.
    A true Venturi Nozzle that is designed for any 1/2 inch blast hose.
    Get a little boost of extra air power that no other nozzle gives you.
    How it works:
    As the blast stream passes though a condensed space velocity builds up, as it passes the two air ports it creates a scavenging effect sucking in additional air. A boost of air enters the concentrator adding more air pressure into the steel concentrator.
    Boost increases as psi increases. All this for a Harbor Freight, alc, Eastwood, Stark, Roll About blaster, you bet.
    Free air from every where is smart.
    Built to order Free USA Shipping to your U.S. Doorstep.

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