HuraKano SV with HP Manifold.
  • HuraKano SV with HP Manifold.

    HuraKano SV
    Short version is a steel Ported Venturi nozzle Holder with a 1/2 thick banded concentrator.
    1/2 concentrator means it concentrates the blast stream to a 1/2 blast pattern. Non contact nozzle tip.
    This nozzle will outperform any nozzle holder built for any blaster. Its so awesome we own its patent.
    We only do Small Pot Blasters so we focus all our energy to squeeze out the most flow and power possible all within the manufacturers CFM/PSI recommend settings.
    You will hear the ROAR.
    The CORRECT lower manifold is our HP manifold but with a twist, or a hoop.
    The hoop is designed for you to upgrade to a side mounted elevated controlled manifold.
    The Tee modification cant hang with this manifold, this manifold actually sucks media out of the tank. Our simple media buffered manifold creates power. 

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