• HuraKano WATER NOZZLE Kit.

    For any blaster using any 1/2 blast hose. Piggy back install high grade. Special build.
    Wet Vapor blasting for the masses.
    Water or no Water, we got you covered.
    Water in the tank limits your blasting but you have options. A water nozzle holder does three things.
    1. Allows you to correctly inject water into the blast stream.
    2. Allows you to correctly introduce that water
        On demand with NO Excessive waste.
    3. Allows you to Wet blast and then dry blast
        Eliminating the need to use rust inhibitor.
    Wet Blasting comes in many names but it has several functions.
    1. Cooling the blast charge.
    2. Suppressing air borne contaminates.
    3. Assisting in the removal of coatings.
    The reality is that most blasting is done dry, dry blasting works great on Rust, Scale, Discoloration, conventional paints and other types of metal Prep.
    Enter the HuraKano wet nozzle holder kit.
    This kit is high grade built to last and has a dual wet and dry mode that is controlled by the operator. The HuraKano ported nozzle holder that creates venturi is a big winner when it comes to getting the most of your air power.
    What you get:
    1. HuraKano nozzle holder with .0003 ss
        Recessed water nozzle. Your choice of
        Ceramic nozzle. 1/8 - 5/32- or 3/16. 
        Complete with ss elbow tube and brass
        Apollo 1/4 ball valve.
    2. 12 feet of 300 psi 1/4 dual swivel water
         Feed hose.
    3. Complete fittings to connecting onto any
         3/4 garden hose or outside 3/4 water 
         Spigot or water outlet in 3/4.
    4. 1/2 Steel ball valve included.
     The kit comes as pictured.
    Shipping to any USA address included.
    Build to order 3 to 6 day built. Build time in order received. Call us if you have any questions.
    *** let us know what size of NOZZLE you would like**** We have 1/8 5/32 and 3/16.
    Low maintenance once used simply use high pressure to flush out residual water.

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