Install links Free for Tap Kit and relocation kits
  • Install links Free for Tap Kit and relocation kits

    Please do not pay this is a free instructional post.
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    Our products are intended to elevate your blasting experience, conserve media and give you a boost in blasting power with reliable performance.
    **Link for the installation of our  relocation kit for the Concave Top 90 lbs non alc or non Allsource pot blaster.
    Popular models 90 lbs
    ATD,Stark, Central Pneumatic 90lbs, Westward.
    ***Link for the install of a Relocation kit 110lbs or 40 lbs Harbor Freight pot blaster.
    Tap Kit.
    Our little upgrade that makes sense. Use your pot blaster to Tap into your Cabinet. Ball valve control made for any non presurized cabinet.
    ***Link for tap install
    Allsource ALC
    Install link for our relocation kit.
    ****install link.
    ****Tap video install video.****

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