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🆕 ALC/Allsource 90 or 100 lbs RELOCATION KIT.
  • 🆕 ALC/Allsource 90 or 100 lbs RELOCATION KIT.

    Only for:

    Allsource model #41600. 100lbs.

    ALC model # 40002. 90lbs.

    Non blast hose kit. Relocation Kit will allow the operator to adjust quickly and correctly.

    Out of the box these pots perform, they have better features then most over the counter small pots.

    Out of the box these blasters come with a good quality blast hose, this kit does not include a blast hose

    If you need a new blast hose we offer 8 or 12 feet high quality blast hose. As seen.

    What you get:

    1. Lower direct mount manifold with

    1/2 nipple ( pot to lower manifold.

    2. Pipe nipple in 1/2 inch.

    3. 1/2 inch elbow one 1/2 barb.

    4. 1/2 feeder hose two SS Clamps.

    5. One 1/2 barb.

    6. One HP Manifold 1/2×1/2x 1/2.

    7 . Two brass ball valves for

    HP manifold

    8. Chain kit with button hook.

    9. Two steel barbs for your blast


    10. HuraKano nozzle holder. You

    Choose nozzle size. If you don't

    We send a 1/8. Choose from 1/8

    Or 5/32 Or 3/16. Let us know

    "Buyers notes to seller. " You can

    Also choose a different nozzle


    Shipping to your USA door step included, no outside USA sales. No warranty on wear items including barbs hoses nozzle nozzle holders fittings ball valves.

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