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TAP KIT. Universal pot to cabinet kit.
  • TAP KIT. Universal pot to cabinet kit.

    Universal means ALL Cabinets.

    See description.

    The original TAP KIT is a remote mounted ball valve control used to mate your pot to your cabinet. A pressure blasting pot is 20 to 40 percent more efficient then a siphon system. It's the right choice for anyone who wants to blast not only efficiently but effectively.

    What you get. (As Seen)

    1. Five feet of Thunder Blast 1/2

    Blast hose. Very flexible and lite.

    2. Three steel 1/2 barbs.

    3. Three SS Worm clamps

    4. El FanG nozzle holder. 1/8 orifice

    You can choose 5/32 or 3/16 at

    Check out. Buyers notes to seller

    If you don't choose we send out


    5. Complete tap kit hardware as

    Seen. Three steel washers, one

    1/2 coupler, one HD 3000psi

    Elbow, 1/2 nipple.

    6. Two quick iron couplers.

    7. One 2000 psi carbon steel ball

    Valve and extension.

    Install link and guide.

    Shipping included, no outside USA sales. This is a wear item, no warranty on wear items. Wear items barbs, hose, fittings, nozzle holders and nozzles.

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