• Kwik Fire Kit.

    The Kit for the guy or gal who takes no Prisoners.
    A complete kit for  your Harbor Frieght 40 110 90 blaster only.If you have a 3/8 bottom pot discharge it will fit. If you have  an Eastwood, ALC call us to get you the correct Manifold. 
    This is a true high quality Rebuildable Deadman. The ultimate in Deadmans.
    What you get:
    1. Complete and assembled Quik Fire nozzle holder.
    2. Selected nozzle based on your CFM. 1/8, 5/32, 3/16.
    3. Steel venturi concentrator. 
    4. 8 feet of Pan Blast hose.
    5. Complete steel clamp kit. 
    6. Quick Coupler kit.
    7. Lower HP manifold.
    This is a heavy duty Industrial kit that is designed for safe blasting with  a true Deadman. These are custom built kits (Call Us for availability) these Deadman nozzle holders are rebuildable every part is built to provide long life with all individual components rebuildable. Set up is in 1/2 blast hose. Push or Pull function makes it easy to hold and use. Venturi steel nozzle concentrator, awesome  performance by grabbing air from the venturi ports, these ports serve a function.
    A steel concentrator directs the high pressure air/media stream, this stream passes through the ports as it passes the ports it pulls in extra outside air, this air provides a boost of power. Extra power is a welcomed bonus.

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