Tap Kit the ORIGINAL.
  • Tap Kit the ORIGINAL.

    Our Original Tap kit. Steel Ball Valve On and Off control. Universal fit for any upright blast cabinet.


    Use your Pot and hose end to connect to our Tap kit. Will fit any 1/2 blast hose. Use on any cabinet.


    Simple install **YOU must cut 7/8 hole on cabinet to fit.**

    What you get:

    1. El Fang nozzle holder.

    2. Ceramic nozzle in 1/8. ( if you need a specific size let us know at buyers notes in check out.

    3. Thee steel barbs in 1/2.

    4. Thee SS worm clamps.

    5. One 1/2 coupler.

    6. Two steel washers.

    7. Four feet of 1/2 Blast Hose. ( you can cut and trim if necessary) Avon 1/2 flexlite.

    8. One Flat top elbow. ( new version)

    9. 2 quick Couplers in steel.

    10. Closed nipple.

    11. Nipple in 1/2 short 5inch.

    12. Steel ball valve. (On and off no half ways).


    Free shipping to USA address. No outside USA sales. Hose, nozzles, barbs, manifolds and Ballvalves are wear items no warranty.



    Basic install link, copy and paste to your search engine.