What do I Get ?  Read up.
  • What do I Get ? Read up.

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    What do I Need? READ UP.
    We offer kits for small pots. The majority of our customer base is the hobbyist and small business operators who wish to enhance the reliability and performance of their small pot.
    From do it yourselfers, powder coaters, motorcycle and auto repair shops if your small pot needs to ROAR we can help. We outfit small pots....
    Central Pneumatic, Stark, Westward, Black Bull, Rollabout, Eastwood Allsource, Homak, ALC, Grip On, Cyclone, ADT, ShopFox and other makes.
    If it has a 3/8 or 1/2 bottom discharge bung we are familiar with its function.
    Our kits are custom made for your pot. 
    We offer 2 kinds of kits.
    1. Conventional bottom discharge kits.
    2. Relocation side discharge Kits.
    1. Conventional kits are bottom discharge kits that have the media mix valve mounted at the bottom, these kits are reliable but adjusting the media valve can be a little difficult.
    Some customer's will purchase this kit as it is a common and familiar format. These kits are less expensive then our Relocation kits. 
    2. Relocation Kits are side discharge pots that have a relocated manifold at the side of the pot. This side mounted manifold has media and air valves together, the relocation kit elevates the controls allowing for fast and easy On/ Off function and most importantly it allows the operator to adjust the air and media mix.
    Both conventional and relocation kits offer great performance and reliability.
    Nozzle HOLDER Selection.
    1. El Fang.
    2. HuraKano.
    *El Fang is our caged nozzle holder it has an exposed nozzle tip that allows the operator to use this nozzle holder for detail work, or in a small space such as in a cabinet. Its an excellent nozzle holder and accepts the common and popular type 1 nozzle which is 3.75 in length with a large tapered design.
    *HuraKano is our ported nozzle holder with sleeved 3/4 concentrator. This is a ported nozzle holder that creates a boost of power as the blast stream passes the port, the only Ported venturi Nozzle Holder on the market.
    It also uses the type 1 nozzle which is a 3.75 inch, in length nozzle. This nozzle is intended for outside blasting giving the operator a one inch blast pattern at a one inch distance.
    What kit do you need?
    All our kits will perform, it really depends on what your willing to invest.
    We have customers that buy an HP manifold and then we have customers that buy a complete kit.
    Our kits are developed for CFM limited customers who need to make the most of limited air power.
    CFM depends on horse power, our customers are from 12 to 40 CFM.
    Our ceramic nozzle selection is:
    Please see attached photo related to nozzle, cfm, horse power.
    Hose 1/2. Rubber sandblasting type.
    Our larger kits come with 8 foot sections in 1/2 true blast hose, 8 feet is the most ideal length of hose for small pots, this is so important that we will not sell 1/2 blast hose over 8 feet.
    Cutter kit. We offer a cutter hose which is 10 feet in length but its a 3/8 high pressure 2 layered steel reinforced blast hose US made hose. This hose is a cheaper alternative to our customers who want to upgrade their cheap heater hose that comes standard in most small discount store pots.
    The cutter kit is intended to provide a complete kit at a big savings. A 3/8 hose can be paired with a 1/8 or even a 5/32 nozzle this set up is a money saver a 35 to 40 dollar cost savings.
    We pair this kit with an El Fang Nozzle your choice of nozzle size and steel barbs, steel ball valve and an HP manifold with clean out. The benefits are lower cost, better then stock parts and fittings and slower wear of parts and hose.
    Our tap kit is a popular seller. Its universal and a great alternative to siphon blasting.
    It will attach to ANY 1/2 blast hose including that cheap HF 1/2 heater hose they call a blast hose.
    The tap kit can be mounted to any 1/2 blast hose so you do not need to spend extra cash on extra parts.
    You can connect it to any stock HF pot.
    Individual and smaller nozzle kits are also listed, this gives you flexibility and cost savings. Individual nozzle holders and manifolds are available for sale. El Fang and Hurakano nozzle holders are big sellers.
    We will never try to upsell you, we do encourage our customers to read the full description, parts listing, demo links and install links which are accessible to everyone at Facebook Ameriblaster. Links are also posted on our product description.
    Need some advise see our Small Pot 101 Its free.
    Free advise makes sense.
    Small pots are a little temperamental, but once you provide adequate cfm, and clean dry moisture free media these small pots perform.
    Once you order your kit you can attach additional information in "buyers notes" Add your desired nozzle size, your pot size, this will help us get your order out quicker.