Relocation Elevated Control Kit
  • Relocation Elevated Control Kit

    Fine tunning and media control is what makes our relocation kit a must have. This kit turns you pot into a smooth operator.
    ****For the 20 40 110 Harbor Freight blaster.
    Will fit other 3/8 bottom pot discharge with filler neck. Not sure? Ask.*****
    Simple yet very practical, the relocation kit elevates your two control ball valves for better reach and easier adjustment control. We use our Inverted HP Manifold to enhance flow and create power.
    Kit includes the following:
    1. One 3/8 elbow.
    2. Two carbon steel Barbs in 3/8. (USA Made)
    3. Two SS High Quality worm Clamps. ( USA Made)
    4. High Quality 1/2  bottom feeder hose  you cut to install.
    5. Inverted HP Manifold, special non threaded Hoop mount.
    6. Steel mount chain with slack adjuster.
    7. One high quality Apollo brass media mix valve. For media mix Low Pressure side.
    Once installed you can use your existing blast hose, air throttle ball valve and nozzle set up. We encourage you to upgrade to a real blast hose. A true blast hose makes your system not only perform but it will give you dependable blasting. Easy elevated controls means no more dropping to your knees for adjusting your media and air throttle.
    Getting the right mix means no waste of expensive media. Making money is easy, the name of the game, is saving money, Blasting is a learned skill, getting the most of your blasting is our job.
    Adjusting is easy.
    1. Pressurize your blaster.
    2. Close main blast hose ball valve.
    3. Open media ball valve start at 1/4 inch turn.
    4. Now open air throttle, 1/2 a turn then adjust air throttle in increments, get the perfect mix.
    The perfect mix can be seen as a hazy blur of media with a loud steady roar, that's what makes this kit so practical.
    What you get :
    1. Lower barb and elbow.
    2. Two worm clamps.
    3. One feeder hose.
    4. One upper barb.
    5. One Apollo media ball valve.
    6. HP Manifold inverted loop.
    7. Quick coupler set. 1/2.
    8. Slack Adjuster.
    9 Chain Mount.
    10. Two quick links.
    11. 3/8 coupler. 
    Price includes USA shipping to your door step. Shipping out on Mondays and Tuesdays. We ship USA Postal Service.
    All kits are built to order build time three to four days.
    On elevated control kit we will send you a complete set of instructions that covers the installation on a 110lbs blaster. This install pertains to 20lbs 40lbs 110lbs Harbor Freight Central Pneumatic blasters. If its a 3/8 bottom bung it will fit.
    Eastwood style blasters let us know so we can send you the correct barbs.

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