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Relocation Elevator Kit WITHOUT Blast Hose.
  • Relocation Elevator Kit WITHOUT Blast Hose.

    For any Harbor Freight, Eastwood, or other Screw on Top cap models.

    This kit does not include the main blast hose, saving you money!

    ⚠️At checkout let us know your pot size and model.⚠️

    **Need a blast hose? We sell the ideal length, 8 foot blast hose for CFM limited guys and gals.**

    Elevator Kit is our newest kit that relocates the air and media controls to the top of the pot rather then the stock bottom location.

    **This kit replaces our popular Relocation chain Kit.**

    What does it do?

    Better mix of air and media allows your pot to perform more efficient. This saves you costly media and better control and performance.

    Use it as a main ball valve delete,

    control the blast stream at the manifold, On and Off.

    Our New 🆕 Kit saves you money and allows you to upgrade without breaking the bank.

    What you get:

    1. One 3/8 nipple, one 1/2 pipe

    Nipple ( for 1/2 bottom bung

    Discharge pots. One 3/8× 1/2

    Bushing for stock Harbor Freight


    2. One direct mount manifold with

    Clean out.

    3. High quality side feed hose with

    Two steel barbs and two SS worm


    4. Steel hose collar and mount.

    5. HP specialty Manifold 3/8×1/2 ×

    1/2 with 3/8 coupler.

    6. One 1/2 ball valve. (media)

    7. One 3/8 ball valve (Air)


    We will send you an install guide via Your email. The install guide has detailed photos/ parts descriptions and how to use.

    No outside USA sales, no outside USA shipping. This is a wear item and contains feed hose, barbs, fittings, couplings, manifolds that will wear no warranty on wear items.

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