Relocation Kit for 1/2×1/2 high flow pot
  • Relocation Kit for 1/2×1/2 high flow pot

    Relocation Kit for High Flow pots 1/2 bottom and 1/2 top pots. *Please let us know your pot size.* see pictures, unsure send us a message. Blue pot will remain nameless but as shown.


    The High Flow Pot outfitted with some high grade parts. This kit comes with an El Fang nozzle holder with a 1/8 nozzle, want a different nozzle size? You can choose 5/32 or 3/16 buyers notes to seller.

    A Relocation Kit will elevate your air and media controls to the side of the blast pot.

    Easy adjusting allows you to conserve expensive media and make the most of the air and media mix.

    A relocation kit can also be used as an off and on control, eliminating the main ball valve.

    What you get:

    1. Lower direct manifold and nipple.

    2. Elbow.

    3. Four 1/2 steel barbs.

    4. Four worm clamps.

    5. Feed hose.

    6. Two brass ball valves 1/2.

    7. One. Hp manifold in 1/2×1/2×1/2.

    8. Chain kit with two links.

    9 complete El Fang Nozzle holder. Carbon steel ball valve


    Comes with 1/8 nozzle or you can choose 5/32 or 3/16. Let us know at checkout buyers note to seller.

    USA shipping included. Barbs, nozzles, hose, ball valves and manifolds are wear items no warranty. Install link.