Relocation Kit for Stark/ATD
  • Relocation Kit for Stark/ATD

    Relocation kit for Stark 100 lbs, Redline RE20 ATD, West Ward 10Z915 and others. Concave top. Unsure? Ask.


    *This will not fit Allsource ALC models.


    Relocation kit offers a better way of adjusting the air and media mix.

    Side mount manifold kit.

    The best you can get for your little pot.


    What does a relocation kit do?

    Elevates you controls allowing for easy control of the air and media mix. Use the main manifold as an on and off control. Adjusting correctly enhances performance and

    saves the waste of media.

    What you get:

    1. 8 feet of blast hose.

    2. 1/2 feed hose.

    3. 4 SS worm clamps.

    4. Chain kit. Trim as needed.

    5. Lower direct manifold.

    6. Nipple

    7. Elbow.

    8. Three steel barbs 1/2×1/2.

    9. One 3/8×1/2 barbs.

    10. One 3/8 coupler.

    11. HP manifold.

    12. Two installed 3/8 brass ball

    13. Two quick links.

    14. One button hook.

    15. El Fang nozzle holder (no substitutions with steel ball valve) Choose 1/8. 5/32. Or 3/16 nozzle. If you do not choose we will send a 1/8.


    Free shipping to USA address. No outside USA sales. Hose, nozzles, barbs, manifolds and Ballvalves are wear items no warranty.


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