Relocation kit for 100 Allsource
  • Relocation kit for 100 Allsource

    Only for Allsource and ALC 100 pound pots. Northern tools.


    This kit does not come with a blast hose.


    Out of the box the Allsource/ ALC concave top pot comes with great features including a decent blast hose.

    Control the mix and get great performance and less media waste.

    What you get:

    1. Botton direct mount manifold.

    2. Nipple.

    3. Elbow.

    4. Two steel barbs.

    5. Four SS worm clamps.

    6. Feeder hose.

    7. One 1/2 brass Ball valve.

    8. HP manifold 1/2×1/2×1/2.

    9. Chain kit with two links.

    10. Button Hook.

    11. Complete El Fang Nozzle holder ( No substitutions) with Steel Ball Valve.


    *You choose size of nozzle at check out, buyers notes to seller. 1/8. 5/32. 3/16. If you dont choose we will send you a 1/8.


    Free shipping to USA address. No outside USA sales. Hose, nozzles, barbs, manifolds and Ballvalves are wear items no warranty.