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HuraKano Venturi Nozzle Holder Original in
  • HuraKano Venturi Nozzle Holder Original in

    Do you want the best ?

    HuraKano is the best nozzle holder we make.

    Lets be honest our HuraKano nozzle holder is the only steel ported nozzle holder made for the 3.75 inch cone shaped nozzle.

    It's the also the only nozzle specifically made to produce a venturi boost, yes a boost. How it works.

    This nozzle holder is made out of steel, the nozzle is totally enclosed inside a steel tube, ( sleeve) this second sleeve tube is set inside the main tube, this tube holds the nozzle true and straight.

    How it works..

    As you use the nozzle a high speed blast stream passes the ports, this creates a powerful suction the more psi the more boost.


    Ready to connect with your ball valve and or your pnuematic valve controlled hose.

    We constantly test and we constantly develop our products, our goal is to provide the best products to our customers. Small pots is what we DO.

    What you get:

    1. One HuraKano ported steel nozzle holder.

    2. One nozzle your choice of 1/8 - 5/32 - or 3/16. If you don't choose at check out buyers notes to seller we will send you a 1/8.

    3. One 2 inch nipple

    4. One carbon steel ball valve.

    5. One 1/2 steel barb.

    6. One SS worm clamp.

    Shipping included to USA address. No outside USA sales.

    No warranty on wear items, nozzles,barbs,nozzle holders, fittings, manifolds and pnuematic air cylinders are wear items.

    No warranty on any Sand blasting parts, including nozzles, fittings, nipples, barbs, hose nozzle holders, manifolds.

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