What to get?? Most asked questions.
  • What to get?? Most asked questions.

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    Our kits consist of two types.

    *Conventional kit: any of our kits that have the mix valve and manifold located at the bottom of the pot.

    * Relocation kit: any of our kits that have the mix valve located at the side or top of the pot.

    Both kits perform. The Relocation Kit is easier to adjust, can used as an On and Off control and helps control the excessive use of media.

    Tap kit is universal it uses a cabinet outside mounted ball valve to control the blast streams on and off function. See product description.

    Clogs are caused by contaminated media, moisture in the pot or unsifted media.


    Cfm and nozzle selection is very important, proper nozzle orifice selection will work with your compressors cfm rating. Take the time and see the posted cfm nozzle chart.

    All parts exposed to media will wear. Hoses, nozzles, nozzle holders, manifolds, barbs, ball valves and fittings will wear if exposed to media. Higher MOHS medias like Aluminum Oxide and or Carbide medias including slags have a higher MOHS rating, these will wear parts faster. Always get extra nozzles and barbs.

    Compressors are a frequently discussed topic. Reciprocal piston driven compressors are inexpensive but are very inefficient. If you have a compressor set up then you have something to work with. Choosing the appropriate Nozzle to your compressors rated CFM will give you better results with little or no recovery time. Always remember CFM ratings from the manufacturer are at IDEAL conditions wear, temperature, altitude/elevation, will effect performance.

    Simply put... Clogs are caused by moisture, moisture is caused by extended use of pressurized air. The more you blast the more moisture is created.

    Clogs at the mix valve:

    1. Drain thentake apart bottom end. Dry media. Put back togeter.

    2. Upgrade to a dryer system and or better water trap.

    3. Never store a clogged system. This will cause an impacted hose and or impacted mix valve. This will be much more difficult to clean out.

    Performance add ons to always consider. Building a pot is a blast, consider its use and invest in a pot that will serve your purposes. Lets look into the two most common pots available in the American market, store over the counter and online purchase/delivery.

    1. Screw top pot. Simple and economical. This is the most economical pot it the market. Filling times are slower.

    2. Concave top with plunger seal. This pot costs a little bit more and is a little harder to find. These pots are excellet in construction and reloading times are faster.

    The first step is the compressor, if you have one already then check to see what you HAVE.

    True HP Rating.

    Volts 110 220 240.

    True pump rating. Hp = cfm.

    Air tank capacity- for those with a CFM Handicap.

    If you have no compressor but have money to invest, invest in the most CFM as possible. If you have big ambitions then get a rotary compressor. The more cfm you get the faster you will remove coatings.

    1/2 or 3/8.

    3/8 works fine and flows great.

    1/2 if you have that cfm is better. Most opt to tap out the bottom of their Harbor Freight pot, most never can actually get the true performance out of a bored out pot. Its entirely up to you. Some will also tap out that stock Harbor Freight pot to stop or correct clogs. Always remember... Never run the pot to almost empty as this will cause bottom end to wear quicker.

    Lack of performance, or excessive recovery time check nozzle to cfm chart.