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Eastwood 100 OR Modified Harbor Freight 110
  • Eastwood 100 OR Modified Harbor Freight 110

    What you see is what you get.

    ***The best kit we have for the Eastwood 100 or 200, let us know your size in order to send you the correct bottom pipe nipple

    ( buyers notes to seller)***

    Opening the bottom but not the top NECK port? Ask for a specialty manifold, buyers notes to seller at check out. You may also ask for another nozzle holder at check out Buyers notes to seller. See listed nozzle holders on product page.

    ***This will fit a Modified 1/2×1/2 Harbor Freight 110lbs pot let us know if its a modified Harbor freight pot ( buyers notes to seller)

    ***Will not fit Alc or Allsource pots.

    The relocation kit will help you save media by adjusting the mix. This kit eliminates the use of main ball valve. New for 2023 ball valve delete, control the on and off fuction at the side manifold.

    What you get:

    1. One 1/2 nipple. For bottom bung.

    2. One lower manifold with drain.

    3. One pipe nipple.

    4. One elbow.

    5. One barb in 1/2.

    6. One SS Worm clamp.

    7. 1/2 feeder hose.

    8. One barb in 1/2.

    9. One SS worm clamp.

    10. One HP manifold in 1/2×1/2×1/2.

    11. Chain kit, two 1/8 links, one bolt and nut.

    12. 8ft blast hose, two steel easy hose barbs and two clamps. ideal length.

    13. Complete El Fang nozzle holder with ceramic nozzle. ( choose size at check out buyers notes to seller) Nozzle orifice sizes 1/8 - 5/32 - 3/16, if you don't choose we will send you a 1/8.

    14. One 1/2 air coupler.

    USA shipping to your door. No outside USA sales or shipping. Wear items no warranty.

    **" Install link Facebook.

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