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🆕 Hose and Nozzle Kit.
  • 🆕 Hose and Nozzle Kit.

    Let's be real, Small Pots, have a few things in common.... CHEAP PARTS.

    Hose Kit

    Connect to your stock bottom Manifold or that Tee fitting you added to your pot.

    If your looking for a hose upgrade kit look no further, taking baby steps no problem.

    Fits Central Pnuematic, ( Harbor Freight) 20-40-110 models. Fits Eastwood all models. Have a question call us or online chat.

    What you get.:

    1. 8 feet of high quality blast hose.

    2. Two SS worm clamps.

    3. Two 1/2 Carbon Steel Barbs.

    4. Complete El Fang Nozzle holder

    and 1/8 ceramic 3.75 nozzle.

    5. Carbon Steel ball valve with 2

    Inch nipple.

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