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🆕 Mini HuraKano Ported Boron Carbide Nozzle Holder.
  • 🆕 Mini HuraKano Ported Boron Carbide Nozzle Holder.

    All this for a small pot??


    CFM limited? We got you covered. minimum 12 CFM. minimum 17 CFM.

    Longevity, lite weight, performance.

    The ported Venturi effect creates an additional boost of power, this is created when a high pressure stream of air passes through a small space, as this high pressure stream passes an open port it creates suction at the port, this boost enters the blast stream. The more pressure at the blast stream the more suction it creates.

    One inch blast pattern, spread nozzle ideal for large flat surfaces such as panels, rails, chassis, frames and so on.

    This nozzle holder is a mid set Boron Carbide nozzle holder with sleeved ported concentrator. Nozzle 35×20 Short and lite weight compared to our full size HuraKano. Mount it directly to your hose or to your full port 3/8 ball valve. 3/8 full port is plenty of flow.

    What you get:

    1. One steel ported nozzle holder.

    2. One 3/8x 1/2 carbon steel barb.

    3. One SS Worm clamp.

    4. Your choice of 3mm or 4mm boron carbide nozzle ( Specify size in checkout buyers notes to seller)

    USA sales only. Shipping to your USA address is included.

    No outside USA sales. This is a wear item, no warranty on wear items.

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