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HP manifold in 1/2×1/2×1/2
  • HP manifold in 1/2×1/2×1/2

    HP Manifold in

    1/2. Media feed ( Bottom bung)

    1/2. Media Discharge ( To Blast Hose)

    1/2 to lower pot.

    This manifold is used in Eastwood, Allsource, Alc and others.

    The HP Manifold is designed as a dual mount manifold it can be used as a conventional ( bottom mount manifold) or a Relocation manifold (Side mount manifold)

    1. One HP Manifold.

    2. One 1/2 ball valve

    3. One 1/2 closed nipple.

    4. One 1/2 Steel Barb.

    5. One 1/2 coupler.

    6. One SS Worm clamp.

    Includes USA shipping.

    No outside USA Sales.

    This is a wear item no warranty.

    5. One SS worm clamp

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