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🆕 Tap Kit HD Pot to cabinet remote ball valve control.
  • 🆕 Tap Kit HD Pot to cabinet remote ball valve control.

    Tap Kit™ is our original pot to cabinet kit

    Our original Tap Kit is back and better than ever.

    Simple and easy to use, remote outside mounted Ball Valve Control.

    Use your pot, any pot that uses a 1/2 blast hose to make your cabinet a work horse. Quick connect iron couplers make it fast and easy.

    A pot will always outperform any siphon system, over 25% to 40% more working power compared to siphon systems.

    Our tap Kit was designed to keep you blasting and doesn't require special parts or costly replacement parts.

    Highlights are:

    *Lite and flexible ThunderBlast hose.

    *Quick steel couplings.

    *Ball valve Handle extension, this

    allows you to use any 1/2 ball valve

    Even a cheap brass ball valve.

    *HD elbow ( four times THICKER then standard black iron elbows)

    What you get:

    1. Five feet of ThunderBlast 1/2

    Hose, (you can trim if needed)

    Three SS worm clamps.

    2. El Fang Nozzle holder with 1/8

    Nozzle. Need a bigger size ask

    For 5/32 at checkout buyers

    Notes to seller.

    3. Complete Tap Kit with carbon

    Steel Ball valve and two quick

    Quick couplers.

    4. Three steel barbs in 1/2 inch.

    5. Ball valve extension handle.

    Install guide.

    Shipping included, no outside USA sales. This is a wear item, no warranty on wear items. Wear items barbs, hose, fittings, nozzle holders and nozzles.

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