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🆕 StinGer Boron Carbide Injector 4mm  Ported
  • 🆕 StinGer Boron Carbide Injector 4mm Ported

    Ported and built-in carbon steel injector.

    Boron Carbide 4mm Orifice.

    Sealed nozzle. Steel banded concentrator, with boost port.

    This will mount directly to your ball valve. 1/2 mount.

    Ventui Ported just like it's big and heavy brother El HuraKano.

    Boron Carbide Sealed Nozzle with injector performs like the popular 3.75 inch type one nozzle.

    This is a Spread nozzle intended for chassis, Frames, Large panels or after chemical dip prep.

    USA shipping included. No outside USA sales or shipping. This is a wear item, no warranty of wear items including Ball Valves, blast hose, barbs, fittings, concentrators, and steel manifolds.

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