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    Most common questions read up.

    Parts listing, product descriptions, shipping information, and warranty information are listed on all products.

    *If it's not listed on our online store, it's not available.

    All orders are completed in the order received. Order accordingly. No Outside USA Sales No outside USA shipping.

    Let's be real.. Media Blasting wears parts. If it's exposed to media under High pressure, it will wear. Be realistic ball valves are costly and will wear.

    Prolong the life of ball valves when used as main off and on control. At end blast hose ball valve.

    1. Open and close quickly.

    2. Never use as an adjustment control, when used AT The End of a Blast Hose.


    ⚡⚡The Relocation Kit™

    Our Relocation Kit has been discontinued.

    ⚡⚡We now offer and Elevated Control kit that relocates the mix manifold up top of the pot.

    Fast and easy adjusting.

    On and Off control, eliminating the need for a main ball valve control.

    Control the on and off function at the manifold.

    Install guide is e-mailed to buyers e-mail.⚡⚡

    ⚡ Conventional Kit.

    Bottom mount manifold with better then stock parts. It's a conventional small pot mounting.

    ⚡Tap Kit Discontinued.

    See our new line of remote manifolds and pnuematic valves.

    ⚡Nozzle Sizes.

    Our customer base demands readily available nozzles in the most practical sizes. Select the best nozzle size to avoid excessive recovery time.

    ⚡Ceramic Type 1 3.75 inch glazed and fused ceramic. The ONLY Sizes we offer are:




    Please refer to product page for chart CFM ratings and usage

    ⚡Nozzle Holder selection.

    ⚡ HuraKano ™.

    Uses the 3.75 inch ceramic nozzle. Ported Venturi steel concentrator. The only ported nozzle holder designed for small pots. Used for panels, larger surfaces, frames, and chassis.

    ⚡ EL Fang ™

    Uses a 3.75 inch ceramic nozzle.

    Caged steel nozzle holder. The cage protects your nozzle tip and can be used as a guide. Our most popular seller.

    ⚡ El ChaMuko ™

    Small and lite weight in 3 mm or Boron Carbide. Wear it out then toss it. These little guys are sealed ideal for pot to cabinet.

    ⚡ StinGer and StinGer Ported.

    Sealed steel injector performs just like a 3.75 inch tapered nozzle but the nozzle system has a Boron Carbide nozzle. Nozzle sizes available are 4mm or 6mm


    ⚡HP manifold:

    High flow, buffered media tube. Bottom or side mount it's ready to go.

    ***IT'S YOU NOT THE POT.***

    Operator error is the most common issue. Low CFM, improper adjusting, mismatched nozzle to CFM, over or under filling the pot, moisture, damp or unsifted media. Extended blasting creates moisture.

    ⚠️Trouble shooting/ Pot issues.

    Moisture is simply the most common issue encountered by users.

    Symptoms including erratic flow, spuddering, clogs at the bottom manifold/ hose and or nozzle.

    ⚠️ Extended periods of blasting will cause moisture, EXAMPLE: You start blasting then after a period of time you experience erratic discharge, spuddering, or no media flow.

    *First check nozzle selection make sure your nozzle is matched to your compressors output of PSI and CFM.

    * CFM and compressor go hand in hand, to low CFM and you will experience RECOVERY time. You compressor fails to maintain pressure to your pot, to much air required by your nozzle that your compressor can't keep up. Always select nozzle that is appropriate for your compressor set up.

    * Sift Media ALWAYS.

    Yes it's a hassle, but always sift media even new bagged media.

    Media selection.

    Always use the proper media for your application.

    Refer to the MOHS scale this will help you understand between hard and soft media, rounded, sub-angular and angular.

    ⚡Hard medias= Sand, Coal slag, Aluminum oxide ,10× crushed glass.

    ⚡Soft medias= Sodium Bicarbonate, walnut shells, glass beads, corn cob.

    ☠️ Safety Gear

    Always use proper safety equipment.

    Blast in a well ventilated space. Use a high velocity fan to push away airborne particles.

    * Use proper eye, hand, ear, and respiratory protective gear.

    * prior to blasting inspection of your blast pot is a must. Check blast hose for deformities, bulges, cracks or soft spots .

    Check fittings, barbs and ball valves. Check for leaks or pin holes. Media blasting wears items, all items from fittings to nozzle holders will wear.

    ⚠️Adjusting the mix.

    Step one.

    Close ALL Ball Valves. Main, air throttle and media mix ball valve.

    Step two.

    Pressurize your pot. Do not exceed manufacturers recommend PSI ratings. Small pots 60 to 120 most pots have a pressure relief valve set at 125 psi.

    Step three.

    Open the main ball valve. ( main ball valve control) hold nozzle point away from you,

    Step Four.

    Slowly open air throttle ball valve at the same time slowly open media ball valve.

    Do this slowly and gradually.

    Step four.

    See the tip of the nozzle, notice the mix is getting blurry. This is sometimes called the FLAME. The mix should be more air then media.

    Adjusting will provide the best results.

    Common issues are overloading the system. This is done when you open either the air throttle or the media mix valve to much.

    ⚡3/8 or 1/2.

    The most asked question. Is the most simple.

    In media blasting bigger is always better. You got to have that CFM ! Most want to open their Harbor Freight pot from 3/8 to 1/2 but most will never take true advantage of this modification.

    Some will open the bottom in order to increase media flow or prevent clogs. Clogs will always occur if you don't have an adequate dryer system, fail to sift media or store you media inside the pot for extended periods.

    A stock 3/8 pot can easily support 30 plus CFM.

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